Yoga Wall Trainings

Bryan teaches two levels of intensive courses as well as teaches workshops on the Great Yoga Wall®.  Both of the courses are a total of 18 hours in length over three days.  The course is divided into two three hour sessions each day. The first course focuses on your own work on the yoga wall.  The second course continues with working on yourself in a deeper way and introduces partner work and adjustments using the Yoga Wall®.

 Level one is open to ALL students of yoga.  We start with how to use the equipment and move on to doing standings poses, back bends, inversions, work for the neck and shoulders some general therapeutic work and some fantastic work for the spine.
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Level two requires the student to take our level one course first.  In level two we will go deeper into backbends, standing poses, opening our knees and hips, work on forward bends and twists and work with adjustments on each other. Even though the level two  course has some review of level one, you are expected to have taken our level one course and have practiced on the YogaWall® for a while.  Learning yoga takes time and it takes time for your body to get use to working with the Yoga Wall®; It also takes experience for you  to become familiar using the equipment.  This why it is important for you to have taken our level one course first.  Level two is not just more information but working deeper into the poses and working on more advanced poses. It takes time to prepare for this work.  Up Coming Trainigs

Yoga Wall® Workshops are two hours long and are about using the Great Yoga Wall® in a class situation.  Here Bryan uses the Yoga Wall® within an asana class setting.  The focus in more on Yoga than just giving out information on how to use the Yoga Wall®.  These workshops cover a wide variety of asanas, therapeutic and relaxation topics.

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If you need to contact Bryan with questions about his trainings or if you would like to invite Bryan to teach at your studio. please call Bryan at 775-781-0468 or email him  To find out more about Bryan click here.    © bryan Legere 2013